Who are we?

We are a charity. Our work fields are in the humanitarian assistance and the Sustainable development. This includes helping orphans and the medical care of the needy, drinking water, Helping for Self-help, Zakat and celebrations, as well as in emergency and special circumstances.

The orphan assistance includes:

  • Sponsorship
    • For orphans from 0 to 18 years old.
    • Kindergarten kids 35-45 €/monthly.
    • Students 45€ /monthly
    • The sponsor has a period of one year and can be renewed annually. It can be terminated monthly.
    • The amounts cover the life expanses of orphans (food, care tools, Accommodation, clothes etc.)
    • The medical care of orphans is provided separately.
    • We have direct and immediate contact with the children and their food.
    • The Supply is controlled and ensured.
    • in this sponsorship, man can choose the child who can support.
    • We regularly document the development and the sponsor of the child which will have accompanied him.
    • The sponsor can also be offered for child himself, also by phone.
    • The sponsor can provide also an additional voluntary support.
    • In addition to the Sponsorship, any assistance is welcome.
    • Annual Supply of school bags, includes the required materials for children.
    • Many festive clothes for the orphans (twice a year 20€).

The messenger of Allah brought his index and middle fingers together and said: ‘ich and the one who cares for an orphan will be together in the Paradise.

The medical care of the needy includes:

  • Free Treatment and providing the drugs for people who live far away from pharmacies and Doctors.
  • We provide a medical education and support the construction of Pharmacies, hospitals and medical clinics with the necessary inventory.
  • Organizing of ambulance services to larger cities including the treatment, we send different medical specialists to villages to treat the sick in these areas.
  • We offer emergency medical services (e.g. operations etc.).
  • We help with spontaneous emergencies (e.g. operations etc.)
  • We support the prosthetic care and wheelchairs

The drinking water supply is the main part of our work:

  • Some people walk many miles every day, just to get a few canisters of water, and carry them home on foot or by donkey.
  • We build wells and maintain them in places where many people do not have enough clean drinking water.
    • A well costs about 2000-21.000 €
  • We build water pipes to provide the families who live far away with water.
    • the cost is about 200-250 €
  • We transport water with tankers to the farthest places where neither well can be drilled nor building water pipes is possible.
    • 20 tons of water (the content of a tanker) cost 100 €
    • That's enough for 100 people for 3 days
    • 60 liters for every family (4-7 people) per day.
  • In these projects as well, participation with one-time or smaller amounts is possible and welcome on a pro rata basis.

We offer social support for people without any perspective:

  • Helping people to depend on themselves.
  • We help people to (re) start self-employment or self-sufficiency through own work and to be independent from donations.
    • For some families, for example through selling vegetables or fish or tailoring etc.
    • And, for whole villages, for example through charitable fields

We distribute the Zakat (poor tax) and help in celebrating holidays:

  • The zakat is given to the needy and entitled and distributed first to orphans, widows and the old people and, of course, to others who deserve it.
  • Sacrificial animals or meat are distributed to orphans and other poor people.

We also have a special emergency program that can help people in extraordinary humanitarian and social emergencies.

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